I'm InthidA.

"The world needs more people to be extraordinary leaders - at home, in their career, in business, their community and on the global stage." 

My work here is all dedicated to the ways I can support you to grow in your career, business and beyond.

I believe that each of us are here to contribute our best work and bring our best self to make a difference in the world, with our unique wisdom, skills, experience and passion. My goal is to help you actualize these areas so you can step into your highest version of success and fulfillment. 

Blending strategy with coaching, I'm here to help you achieve outcomes beyond your most audacious goals. 

I can't wait to collaborate with you to unlock your potential so you can create a massive impact that moves you forward towards who you want to be and what you want to realize.  

MY Mission

To raise others to be extraordinary leaders so they can make the difference they are here to make.

Blending 20 years of diverse work experience from billion-dollars corporations to medium businesses and start-ups, I have managed various departments and functions from strategy, ops, HR, marketing, product, customer success, to pricing and project portfolios of over $50M budgets in industries from management consulting, investment consulting, telecom, insurance and tech.

Throughout my career, I have led and developed a number of high performance teams and have been recognized with awards for my leadership excellence.  Most recently, I was a C-level executive at a multiple 8-figure digital marketing company with over 300+ employees. Today, I provide consulting services in a different capacity as an advisor/fractional COO on deck for select companies.

I know what it takes to get to and excel at the executive level. Most importantly, I also know firsthand what it's like to navigate through different environments, roles, work challenges, have self-doubt and come up at the top, authentically. Clients tell me they love working with me because they can benefit from my trusted advisor/coach approach, as I can guide them with practical suggestions and advice, rooted in applicable business situations to deliver real results, not fluff. 

proven work Experience & EXPERTISE 


Growth is a journey, and no matter where you are on your path, my purpose is to bring you closer to realizing your next-level version of joy, success and fulfillment in your career, business and life. Coaching is about maximizing someone's excellence, bringing out higher possibilities and extraordinary performance - and this is my WHY,  the purpose that ignites my inner fire! I am here to ignite your power and possibilities. I strongly believe that we are all here to actualize our potential and talent, to live an extraordinary life on our own terms and make an impact by serving others. If you want someone who's truly passionate and committed to activating your potential and possibilities, then I'm for you.

Deep Passion & purpose 

My 1:1 personalized approach is completely tailored to you. I tap into a diverse toolbox of highly effective strategies, specific curriculum, and proven methods and approaches to generate the best outcomes for you specifically. Having invested in various high performance, leadership and personal development training and courses throughout my entire career, and having been trained in executive presence coaching, executive coaching and woman-centered coaching, I combine all this knowledge in unique ways to support you to give you remarkable results and deeper awareness to help you in the transformation and results you seek.

UNIQUE APPROACH, tailored to you

My coaching experience spans job search, career development, executive presence, executive coaching and business coaching.  Having partnered with well over hundreds of professionals from various industries and backgrounds in Canada, the US and Europe since I started coaching in 2015, I have the competence, the process, the proof and the enduring passion to help you uncover your best self and help you reach your goals. I specialize in partnering with high-performance mid-to-senior level leaders, executives and CEOs/founders/entrepreneurs of SMBs who are intentional about their success. 


lets get personal

Fun Facts About Me

Rule # 1: Paris is always a good idea! I was born there and it holds a special place in my heart. The energy of the city invigorates me and this is is where I feel the most creative and inspired. And of course, there's the food and wine! 

I love pastries and like to indulge in self-care, well-being rituals, meditation and a few chocolates a day!

I'm equally obsessed with personal growth and development than with beautiful interiors, design and antique markets! I might have been a designer in another life. 





“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

- Henry David Thoreau

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