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Gone are the days when position or status resembled success. Now, it’s become much more nuanced. A huge factor to success today is the ability to remain authentic as we practice self-mastery, while also empowering others to strive in the same way. If we aspire to break the barriers of what’s possible, we must first start by revolutionizing leadership altogether.

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I’m here to bring you closer to realizing your next-level vision of success (and joy) in your career, business, and life


From experience working with startups all the way to billion-dollar companies within a span of 20 years — I’ve seen the whole spectrum. 

Want to know what’s interesting? Almost every company and individual I’ve worked with, in some shape or form, were in need of the same things: more self-awareness in leadership, more teams working in unison, more streamlined processes, and more overall sense of direction. 

I believe to play big, you must embrace adaptability without sacrificing your standard of excellence and values. That’s why I’ve established the process, proof, and enduring passion to ignite endless possibilities within your career or business — so you can make the impact you are here to make.


for leaders

Practical yet strategic 1:1 coaching that boosts personal performance, elevates your leadership skills and increases your confidence.

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For founders

A dynamic blend of strategic, advisory, and leadership development, outlining a streamlined business operations system for rising start-ups and businesses.


for organizations

Results-focused consulting for medium to large businesses, tailored to strategic planning & execution, operations, change management, leadership training, and more.

It is no coincidence that [thanks to Inthida], my career has advanced faster than it ever has in the past 2 years than it has in my 16+ years of work experience.

Not only did Inthida give me the language, frameworks, and tools to maximize team performance but she transformed me as a leader, [and she helped me transition] from a team lead to a leader of a department and a voice of influence amongst the executive leadership team. My only regret is that I wish I met her earlier!

- Abby YEW, Interim Head of Marketing at Wattpad

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