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No one will tell you this, but the higher you find yourself, the fewer people you can turn to when you get there.
Remember, you can’t become the best version of yourself by yourself. 

All the knowledge you’ve garnered up till this point, although impressive, is only enough to sustain where you are right now, at this moment. If you want to grow past this level, it will require a different type of skills, experience and more insights.

And guess what — you can fast track your path to getting there, without the confusion or struggle, alongside someone who has the roadmap to where you’re going.

High-performance leaders spend so much time leading others, they often don’t have someone in their corner to turn to

Perhaps it sounds a bit backward but allow me to explain. This aspect of your personality is certainly a strength. 

Your high achievement and propensity toward excellence are exactly what led you to where you are today — in your current career role, breaking million dollars in business revenue, or effortlessly reaching audacious goals. 

Yet, I find individuals with these tendencies have one fatal challenge in common:

Being a driven and talented professional sometimes makes achieving your goals harder

Whether you are looking to expand a multimillion-dollar company, thrive in your next corporate role, or scale as a start-up,

you're in the right place

Like me, I know you want to be intentional about up-leveling your leadership and advancement

Allow me to be your dedicated partner in growth

I invite you to become self-aware of a new kind of means to success. One where you come to terms with your true desires, open yourself up to new possibilities, then choose to commit to your values as much as your growth and work ethic. You’ll begin to notice how much more you can achieve for yourself and others around you. It’s an incredible shift I’d be honoured to guide you through.


Executive Coaching

Private 1:1 coaching for mid-to-senior level corporate professionals who want to develop their leadership, prepare for their new role, or pivot entirely. 

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Business Advisory

High-level advisory for CEOs running seven-figure+ companies who are ready to finally maximize their contribution to their company as a true visionary.

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Personalized consulting for medium to large businesses that want to establish the process and skills to deliver greater results, consistently.

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Executive Coaching

Need someone who sees your excellence-oriented spirit that will focus that energy on your next career goal? 

Incredible things can happen when you transform your mindset, habits and leverage your strengths for next-level growth. As someone who’s managed many teams, I know you have a track record for high performance and aren’t afraid to work hard. Now it’s time to truly commit to your goals with precision and focus — pruning away what holds you back and strengthening what will propel you forward. 

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Business Advisory

For when you’re on the path toward a higher trajectory

Many small to medium-sized businesses (with <250+ employees) may neglect the fundamentals for “quick growth”, when in reality, the shortcuts never pay off in the long run. Let me give you a little secret. From this point on, you can’t operate as you have been before. You’ll be required to create a well-oiled machine focused on core management principles, developing your leadership team, and measuring metrics that matter. Together, we’ll walk through a proven framework to help you establish foundations that matter and work toward your company’s goals. 

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Let's bridge the gap between you, your employees and your vision

As a medium to large-sized business (<500 employees), you’ll most likely face a unique set of challenges. Challenges like how to manage teams more effectively, deliver projects with greater outcomes (and more ease), enhance what’s already working well to work better, and other particular business issues. Good thing is, I understand the nuance required to not only workshop these issues alongside you, but also offer personalized solutions you can maintain long after our engagement is over. Once we establish our key areas of focus — whether it be Strategy, Change Management, People and Leadership Development, or Operations — I’ll come in as a strategic consultant to optimize areas of your company that will bring further results. Contact me to learn more.

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A 1-hour Consulting - Coaching / Strategic Call for immediate insights.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking guidance on operational strategies, a professional aiming to advance your career or leadership skills, or simply navigating the complexities of the workplace, the Open Chat is your direct line to personalized insights and solutions. In this one-hour session, you have the floor to ask anything – from fine-tuning your negotiation skills or leadership style to refining your business product, pricing or strategies. It's a confidential, comfortable, and efficient way to get on my calendar, when you need it, and tap into my experience and expertise for immediate insights, tailored to your specific needs.


WHERE my clients ARE FROM

"I'm so grateful for Inthida and her coaching! I've learned so much about myself and growing into a compelling leader."


what they're saying

Inthida helped me see where I needed to adapt so I could be more effective and have better relationships. She taught me ways to communicate more powerfully and it's made a huge difference in how I now relate to situations and people. I now feel like I have the tools to be in control and lead better. Having a coach like Inthida transformed my career. I've never felt more confident — and it shows. Working with her is by far the best investment I've made in myself! 

"Inthida has helped me create the lifestyle that I wanted and woke me up to a new way of leading in my life and business."


What they're saying

I have been making millions a year in my business practice, but I felt like all I did was work. From the outside, it looked like I had it all, but inside I was unhappy. Inthida helped me focus on making my business the best it can be, without sacrificing important areas of my life. Not only did she offer real, practical ways to run my business better and grow it, she helped me reframe my thinking and priorities. Inthida literally changed my life. She's impressive in her depth of knowledge and her ability to help you see things differently.  

Generate momentum toward your most audacious goals

Let’s get you closer to the results (and the life) you want to see. Simply tell me what you’re working toward and we’ll create a plan of action together.