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paris + Provence


JUne 2 to 8, 2024

7 days/ 6 Nights

mastermind Retreat

Be Extraordinary

A 7-days Exclusive Experience  for growth-oriented women ready to recharge, reignite their potential and Reconnect with their Vision 


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Or maybe you've checked out all the boxes, and you're still feeling unfulfilled or that something is missing. Or you've reached a plateau and you're feeling stuck. Or maybe you feel called for more expansion, impact, and purpose, and don't know where to start. 

If any of these resonate with you, you're not alone. Oh, sweet soul, I know the feeling. I've been there too. 

And I'm here to tell you this: So much more is possible for you. YES. That yearning is not elusive. It beckons you to your next level. Because you're meant for greatness. 

let's get personal...

You're meant to be extraordinary

Ever felt like there's more potential in you waiting to be unleashed? Like there is more to life than your usual routine?

it's time...

 Are you ready to recharge, reignite your potential, reconnect with your dreams, your vision, and finally live more attuned to your authentic self and heart's deepest desires?

What if you had the courage to go after your wildest ambitions, harnessing your power and potential to make a greater impact on the world, manifest your dreams, grow into your best self... and more?

This, is my invitation to you.

Be Extraordinary is a 7 days, immersive personal/professional development program meets luxury retreat in France that has helped women like you stand up and shift into life-changing transformation in their life, career and business.

Don't miss this opportunity to level up and bring your aspirations to life. You're meant for MORE.
In just one week, you could have a brand new story.



June 2 to 8, 2024

This is a special invitation and opportunity to:


Ignite your boldest dreams to lead a more soulful, vibrant, and intentional life


Unlearn things that society, culture and school made you believe that doesn't serve you –  and stop limiting your power and possibilities


Tap into your feminine wisdom and true power – upgrade your belief system, mindset; generate more joy & possibilities in your life


Honour all your dimensions, uncover the source inside you, and bring out your highest self to be bold and live courageously

Walk away feeling rejuvenated, inspired and ready to take quantum leaps in expressing the extraordinary within you and expanding your possibilities! 


Discover how to take inspired action, elevate your magnetism and confidence

AND much more! All while connecting with a community of other growth-minded women who will become your soul-sisters!


“This Mastermind is so much more than I have ever imagined."

- Tiomi (2022)

From all the personal details to the big development leaps...from the beautifully curated experiences to all the new bonds that have developed! Inthida has created an encouraging, energizing and judgment free platform for all of us to share, bond and most importantly GROW during this Mastermind! For anyone that is reading this, if a small desire to join the next Mastermind ignites, follow that desire, make it happen. You will love it! 


- Meena (2022)

It was the best 4 days spent in my life, travelling through Paris, as well as focusing on personal and professional growth. Inthida is gifted. She's gifted at doing this; she's very intuitive, she's generous. She's also very genuine and very sincere and she wants what you want for yourself - and more. If you're looking for personal growth, or professional growth; if you feel stuck; or if you haven't left your home in years to see the world, or what's going on out there, YOU NEED TO ATTEND THE PARIS MASTERMIND! 

“Inthida crafted a retreat that takes the whole person into account. "

- Michelina (2023)

The Paris Mastermind was a wonderful experience. From the personal development sessions to the exquisitely curated experiences, Inthida crafted a retreat that takes the whole person into account. The techniques and deep thinking explored during the workshop were balanced with luxurious experiences like dining at Michelin-star restaurants, getting personal shoppers, and making our own perfume.  The retreat is a true reflection of Inthida’s creativity, generosity of spirit and dedication to helping other women live an extraordinary life.   


“This was such an extraordinary and unforgettable experience." 

- Diana (2022)

So impressed that everything was next level top notch and take care of! It was so special that we were treated like VIPs - from the welcoming gifts and flowers in our hotel room, having a personal shopper, to ending the night with an epic dinner at the rooftop to see the stunning views of Paris. I loved that a safe place was created to share our deepest desires and vulnerable stories that allowed us to have breakthroughs and grow. Cannot wait to attend the next Mastermind! Thank you so much for your extraordinary vision and commitment to making a memorable experience for all of us! 

“Inthida, thank you for this Mastermind. It has been incredible."

- Sharleen (2023)

It has been incredible as well meeting so many amazing women. You have this touch and ability to bring women together and really explore what's possible. I really want to THANK YOU.  The experience has been so beautiful and has brought a lot of joy and make me really, really believe there's a lot of possibilities for myself - and the other beautiful women I met on this trip. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

1. Transformational Training,  Mentoring, Group Coaching

With Inthida's dynamic background, personal storytelling, and coaching experience transforming women’s lives both personally and professionally, get ready to dream bigger, dissolve your blockers, break free from the ordinary, and receive your new upgraded mindset to manifest your dreams, harness your potential and step into the successful and fulfilling life you long for. You'll be guided on a profound journey and be exposed to high-caliber, empowering principles, tools and strategies to attract what you desire, step into limitless possibilities, cultivate radiant energy, and align your personal and professional life to achieve peace, joy and success. Self-discovery, new levels of awareness, and breakthroughs unfold in this unparalleled setting.


What it is & Why you'll love thiS

2.  Luxury Travel and Memories for a Lifetime

This is where the Be Extraordinary Mastermind Retreat is different than anything else. It's about giving yourself permission to not only focus on your growth, but also on pleasure! Get ready for an all-inclusive, immersive retreat that will awaken and excite all your senses. Travel in style, as you soak in the energy and pulse of possibility of Paris and discover the rare beauty of Provence. Stay in elegant places, savour culinary gastronomic moments, enjoy beautiful cultural sights and specially curated activities, VIP experiences with your new soul sisters! This is an invitation to enjoy life to the fullest and share an inspiring and uplifting experience of travel, luxury, growth, and feminine fun together as we create magical memories that you will cherish forever!

3. High-Vibe Community and Connections   

There is magic that happens when brilliant, capable and fabulous women get together in a room. Become part of an intimate, but mighty circle of remarkable, diverse, kindred spirits women who will become your soul sisters on this unique journey. Because when you share this personal experience together, it's truly unique and special. An authentic, deeper, meaningful, sacred and incomparable bond is forged and unites us. Most importantly, you'll never feel alone anymore in your growth. You'll gain a new sisterhood that will just 'get you', who will amplify, support and champion you well beyond our retreat, and be there with you to celebrate your success stories and incredible new possibilities! 

In Paris, anything is possible. The city's vibrancy is the perfect backdrop to do the work to awaken you to your potential and possibilities. We'll then head over to Provence, where you'll get to reflect, exhale and indulge in all the delights of the region. The best of both worlds!

Come away with me to experience inspiration, possibility, and a deep reconnection to yourself, your power, your essence, in a way that will uplift and energize you with a new fire. This is your chance to embark on a journey of self-discovery in a retreat tailored to provide you with the space, support, and guidance to create your next big chapter and meaningful change.

are you in?

ooh yes, I WANT IN!

Day 1 - June 2: Arrival in Paris + Welcome Evening

  • Welcome to Paris! (Tip: board your overnight flight to Paris the day before so you can arrive this morning)
  • Check into your 4* star Hotel & Spa, located right in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, where you’ll be steps away from la Place de la Concorde, the chicest boutiques and have easy access to Les Tuileries, Champs Elysées, le Louvre, and everything!
  • Enjoy some personal time at your leisure until we meet at this evening’s welcome soirée. 
  • Tonight, we meet for champagne and apéritifs to officially welcome you and kick-off our journey together. I'll unveil all the details (including surprises!) and what to expect in the days ahead. 
  • After our meet & greet, we'll go indulge in a memorable dinner to celebrate our first night together in my beloved Paris!

Day 2 - June 3: Group Mastermind

  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast, and get ready to begin our group mastermind coaching session together.
  • This mastermind is a container where we all come together, with the intention to grow. I’ll be your guide/mentor as I take you through powerful content, exercises, reflection. There will be sharing, some crying, and lots of laughing too! It’s an experience like no other, of sharing, learning, listening, and being open with our heart and mind.
  • There's a morning and afternoon session, with a pause for a delectable 3-course lunch. 
  • After our session is over, you'll have some free time to relax.
  • Then, we'll meet again to head out for another delightful surprise and fantastic dinner!

Day 3 - June 4: Group Mastermind

  • Today, we continue our mastermind with more learning and discussions. Of course, we'll enjoy a delicious lunch in between. After we conclude our session for the day, you'll have some free time again. 
  • We'll then head out to savour our last dinner and evening out in Paris in a special way!

Day 4 - June 5:  Arrive in Provence

Day 5 + 6 - June 6 & 7: Provence Excursions

Day 7 - June 8: Au Revoir!

  • Today, we leave Paris and we're off to Provence for three magical days! En route by train in first class, you will enjoy magnificent landscape views and start to enter a different kind of place.
  • Upon arrival in Provence, we will transfer to our 5* Hotel & Spa estate. Right away, you will feel the tranquility that will inspire you to breathe deeper, relax and contemplate. 
  • Take time to enjoy the surroundings and immerse yourself in the beauty of the place - explore the grounds, relax in the spa or lounge by the pool. 
  • In the evening, we'll gather together to savour a welcome cocktail and dinner in a magnificent setting! 

  • Over these two days, you'll explore some of the most charming gems of Provence. You'll get to experience markets, lavender fields, beautiful old villages and so much more! 
  • I like to keep surprises...all you have to know is that it will be FABULOUS! 

  • It's our final day! We'll officially wrap up our time together over breakfast and toast to our amazing journey. This officially concludes our Mastermind Retreat. 
  • You'll check-out at noon. Transfer out to the nearest airport/or take a train back to Paris, or extend your stay in the region!
  • While we may say goodbye here, we'll be in touch for our follow-up group calls. 

what awaits you

sounds amazing ?


  • One 45 mins 1-1 call with Inthida (you can opt to use this after as well!)
  • One 60 mins Group Call to meet your fellow Mastermind attendees and prep for your experience

DURING - June 2 to 8: 7 days/6 nights
  • 3 nights of gorgeous accommodation (your own room) at a 4* Hotel & Spa in Paris 
  • 3 nights of luxury accommodations (double occupancy) at a 5* Hotel & Spa in Provence
  • 2 full days of training, mentoring, group coaching
  • Buffet breakfasts every morning
  • All amazing lunches with wine
  • All dinner experiences with wine 
  • Snacks and refreshments during the Mastermind sessions
  • Exclusive curated activities (which will be unveiled to you on your first day!)
  • Train transfer from Paris to Provence
  • All transportation during our planned activities together

  • Two follow-up Group Coaching sessions (60 mins each). Video calls will take place: Thursday, August 15 at 1pm EST and Thursday, October 17 at 1pm EST
  • Email, text support, guidance for 3 months after Mastermind

What's not included: 
  • Airfare, airport transfers to/from hotel, travel insurance, personal expenses.
  • A daily 'stay tax' must be paid by each guest at check-out at each hotel.

Mastermind REtreat



Be Extraordinary 

What do you get?

early bird offer!

Sign up by February 15 and save $1000! And get a one hour personal 1-1 coaching session to be used within 6 months! 


“ [...] gratitude is washing over me. I could never have imagined the type of experience we shared in Paris.  It will take some time for me to fully absorb. One thing that has sunk is being part of a circle of unstoppable, amazing women.Thank you for the experience, Inthida. If you organize a mastermind on the moon, I'd go! that's how much I have been impacted by our time together." 

“Thank you Inthida for a wonderful experience...between our sessions together and our outings, the trip was FAR BEYOND what I expected..."

“This was such an incredible and unforgettable experience! It's hard to put into words how special it was... So impressed that everything was next level top notch and taken care of!  It was so special that we were treated like VIPs [...] Thank you for your extraordinary vision and commitment to making a memorable experience for all of us. I loved that a safe place was created to share our deepest desires and vulnerable stories that allowed us to have breakthroughs and grow. Cannot wait to attend the next Mastermind!"

“A huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for honouring and supporting my journey of becoming something bigger that I don't know yet. Inthida, our leader of the pack, this "magic" wouldn't have happened without you..."

gratitude notes 

“{...] for the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed and carefree like I did on the trip. I had a flashback to how I used to feel 20 years ago. Every day, each time I think about a problem and how it's unfixable, I think about possibilities and become a little less afraid. Am so grateful to have gone on this trip, and especially to you, Inthida, for organizing this and inspiring me, for decades now!" 

I'm Inthida and I'm passionate about helping other women create joy and fulfillment in their whole life 

My intention is this: I'm here to foster your greatest dreams and highest self-actualization. I'm here to help you tap into your brilliance, intuition, confidence and power to create and live your largest, best life. Nothing less.

Why? Because that's what I want for myself, and for you! I believe that we are meant to live an extraordinary life, we're here to play big and make a massive impact in the world, in our own way. 

Somehow I always believed that and knew it deep inside of me. As I became more conscious and enlightened, more and more things aligned – outside and inside. I kept getting all I desired – and much more! People sometimes say that I seem to live a magnetic, charmed life, it sure can feel that way! But it wasn't always like this.

welcome friend, 

Very few of us are ever taught how to unleash our potential, have an extraordinary life, and manifest our dreams

I've had to learn my way through. My zest for growth and self-actualization led me to seek wide and deep. Through my personal quest and learning from various sources, I've accumulated a lot of wisdom, empowering principles, timeless practices, tools and ways that have helped me make quantum leaps in my own journey, including leaving my 20+years in the corporate world to focus solely on building my coaching & consulting business. (More about that here.) Yes, all about following my purpose and passion!

I also discovered how to tap into feminine values and a state of flow and power that allows me to co-create with the Universe effortlessly. Since then, I've been calling into my life unexpected miracles and opportunities that are wild. The more progress I made, the more I wanted to share what I've learned with other women so they could also benefit.

the truth is...

With excitement, and 'Am I really doing this jitters', I launched my first Be Extraordinary Paris Mastermind  that summer. A bold move and the BEST, most  rewarding thing I've ever done. I combined my unique approach to personal growth, with the women's centric transformational coaching skills and experience I gained, into an experience like no other, while bringing women to my favourite city in the world, Paris – so they could experience both personal growth AND an absolute UNBELIEVABLE time. 

The amazing women in my groups often say it's hard to put into words when someone asks them "What's this retreat all about?". Trying to capture it all in a few sentences is tricky. There are so many layers to it – you've got to live it to really feel the richness and depth of the journey.

So what happened?

In 2022, (during my first year in business!), I felt a deep calling to expand my impact to lead the way in this new direction, stepping outside my comfort zone of consulting/ executive coaching. I wanted to support other smart, conscious women to discover how to light up their path with possibilities, and unwavering self-belief to create the life and impact they're here to make. Because the world needs more women like us to rise up and step up.

I heard that quiet whisper that pulled me forward – into a new type of experience to lead women through into creating their most powerful next chapters.  I listened and I leapt. 

So really, this Mastermind Retreat program is a vehicle to MORE…
More opportunities, more freedom, more joy, more fulfillment, more possibilities, more results, more YOU living and operating from a place of true alignment—however you dream that to look.

Now, imagine what would open up for you to finally break through your personal or invisible barriers, and go confidently towards your dreams, your passion, who you truly are meant to be, do and have.

Better yet… why imagine when you could be next and experience it? 

Reserve your spot

As I look back fondly to the overwhelming success of my past two events (last year we also went to Provence!), I'm filled with deep gratitude to have been able to co-create such transformative, impactful moments for other women to activate their power and possibilities, and connect with each other at the soul and heart level. But this isn't about me. It's about YOU. 

What the women in my circles have gone on to create, do, and how they're showing up in life, their relationships, their career or business is just incredible and inspiring. The after-effect of the Mastermind is REAL.  I'm thrilled that many women also choose to return. (Their spouse/ partners actually encourage them too, because they've never seem them so happy!) They carry themselves differently, they're inspired, unstoppable, glowing (literally!), they have that assured confidence to go after what they desire –  and they are ready to amplify their gifts and impact like never before. They've changed their story, their mindset AND results.

The women who join my Masterminds are...
  • Growth-oriented, creative, intelligent, passionate & driven
  • Have a big, open heart and a desire to make a difference in this world
  • Have a curiosity or belief of the unseen and the magic of energy & manifesting
  • Know that life isn’t all about work - they embrace fun, joy & desire to explore their inner & outer worlds
  • Appreciate elegant experiences, travel, culture & food
  • Wanting clarity on what's next for them, or their purpose/mission
  • Have cherished goals and desires they want to bring to reality 
  • Desire to be part of a journey with a wonderful community of inspiring, like-minded women
  • Entrepreneurs, coaches, professionals, visionary leaders, and women who yearn for more self-care, meaningful connections, real personal growth and change

Wondering if this is right for you?

This exclusive mastermind is crafted for growth-minded women seeking to elevate their personal and professional lives. If you're ready to redefine your limits, ignite your luminous potential, make a big impact, connect with other high-vibe women, and embrace a transformative journey, this is for you.  

I'm IN, sign me up

Hear about their experience


My Mastermind Trip to Paris last year was an absolute GAME-CHANGER. 

Surrounded by a group of incredibly inspiring and accomplished women, I found myself immersed in a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Each encounter brought forth valuable insights, not just on a professional level but also on a deeply personal one.

Through engaging discussions and shared experiences, I learned to adopt a new perspective—one that constantly asks, 'What is possible?' This simple yet profound shift in mindset propelled me towards achieving one of my lifetime goals at a pace I never thought imaginable.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Inthida for curating such a transformative experience and for being a beacon of inspiration throughout the journey. Thank you for empowering me to embrace the limitless possibilities and for helping me turn my aspirations into tangible realities. The memories and lessons from this mastermind will forever hold a special place in my heart.

- Karinna (2023)

I'm so excited for you to join me! Leave your info and I'll connect with you to discuss more. You can also email me directly at: hello@inthidangeth.com
 I'm here to answer any of your questions. 

Let's do this!

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