A 1-Hour Ask-Me-Anything, Consulting/Coaching-Meets-Advising Call (or *calls* – because you can book as many as you'd like!).


Get the insights you need, when you need it.

From refining your offers or solutions as a new startup, to mastering the art of executive presence, decoding the secrets of being an influential leader, or simply navigating workplace challenges more effectively, The Open Chat is your direct line to personalized insights and solutions.

In this one-hour session, you have the floor to ask me anything. Think of these as more than just calls – they are tailored sessions you can schedule whenever it suits you. Whether you're looking to refine your leadership skills, supercharge your career, or gain a strategic advantage in the business world, this is your direct line to my calendar, where the insights you seek are just a conversation away.

As a seasoned leader (ex-Chief Operating Officer with 20 years of cross-functional experience), strategic advisor and executive coach, I have a deep passion for nurturing leadership excellence and guiding professionals towards their aspirations. Consider me your confidante for career insights, your compass in the executive landscape, and your thinking partner on the path to success. 

Wondering what we can talk about?

"I'm in the process of building my team; what are some best practices for hiring?"

"I'm thinking about starting my own coaching business—can you share your insight?"

"I have a presentation coming up, can you share your feedback with me and help me prepare to speak better? "

"I have this politics situation at my work, can you help me navigate it? "

"I'm planning to make some changes, can you chat through strategy and operations and help me map it out?"

"I'm starting a new senior role, can you provide suggestions to set me up for success?"

"I'm going into my performance review, can you give me advice how to position myself?"

"I want to launch a new service, will you go over it with me and let me know what else to consider?" 


Nothing is off the table! 

Inthida has been a trusted advisor, mentor and friend to me during my most challenging times of building my business - and throughout the years . She always brings a fresh approach, perspective and sound guidance, and she is truly committed to helping you succeed while giving you the confidence and roadmap to do so!

- Diana


01.  Call PREP 

After you've booked a time, you will be asked to fill a quick pre-Open Chat questionnaire, so we can both come prepared to discuss your area(s) of interest.


Show up at the time of your video call, lean in, and ask away. We'll cover a lot in our 60 minutes together. You will get a transcript of our call so you can review and refer back to our talking points easily.

03. Follow-UP

Leave with fresh insight, a different perspective, and personalized recommendations, resources, or action items. These will be prepared for you in your 1 to 2-page Open Chat summary.


$750 per session


(Prices are in CAD dollars + HST if applicable)